a brief history


A thirty-year history, that of Uniform jeans, which has run from the 80s to today, never forgetting the past though also turning to the present and even more to the future.
Today the past is represented by the legendary ’80s when the brand was born, while the present is connected to the direction taken by Uniform in 2003 when the brand was bought back and when, in partnership with a leading European manufacturer, it began to turn the charm of the past into something contemporary.


The undoubted strength of Uniform models is the different kinds of washes with which denim fabrics are treated each time. A real‘wash experience’ that makes each model so unique and unrepeatable, ideal for those not content with simply wearing a nice pair of jeans and who also aim at setting a real trend. An elegant and sporty man, a lover of‘refined details, never predictable and banal, who stands out by nonchalantly wearing what once used to be work pants and that now have come to represent “fashion” par excellence.